Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Updated As And When We Release New Updates

Game Modes
  • Works in ALL Game Modes
  • Perfect Aimbot – Never miss a shot again
  • Body Aim – Aim at Head, Chest or Nuts
  • Aim Speed – Adjust the speed at which you aim
  • Aim Key – Set the aimbot to only activate by a key
  • Aim FOV – Set the field of view of the aimbot
  • Targeting Mode – Aim at the closest target by distance or crosshair
  • Bone Scan – Allows the aimbot to scan an enemy for a visible body part
  • Stick to target – Allows you to track an enemy behind walls and obstacles
  • Auto Switch Targets – Automatically targets a new enemy when possible
  • Name ESP – Show player names
  • Distance ESP – Show player distance
  • Bounding Box – Draws a box around players
  • Customizable Boxes – Change the width, and thickness of bounding boxes
  • Fade Name tags – Fade distant name tags to prevent screen clutter
  • Visible Chams – Changes colors when a player is visible
  • Adjustable Nade Sphere – Show a sphere around explosives, adjust the size yourself
  • Wallhack – Draw players through walls
  • Chams – Player changes color when visible or behind a wall
  • No Spread – Remove your weapon spread
  • No Fog – All fog removed from the maps
  • OPK – Move all the enemies to your current position
  • Ghost/Fly – Allows you to fly through any wall, object, etc. ingame
  • Tele-Kill – Teleport to any enemy and follow them or kill them instantly
  • Show FPS – Displays the current frames per second on screen
  • Show Time – Displays the current time on screen
  • Speedhack – Run as fast as you like
  • Anti Gravity – Jump as high as you want
  • Super Bullets – Fire Through Anything and Kill
  • Ingame Menu – Edit all your settings on the fly
  • Config Tool – Custom tool allowing you to edit your binds and colors
  • Undetected – 100% undetected by HackShield
  • Loader Based – Full custom loader that auto-updates